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About Us

S&H Industries is a leading manufacturer and distributor of auto body and industrial tools.

S&H Industries began in 1955 after the original owner purchased a small company in Northern California and moved it to Ohio. The company started as a small manufacturing facility, making specialized tools for the auto body industry.

Subsequent owners continued to add additional paint and body products. In the 1989, ALC Abrasive Blasters were added, which created a commercial and industrial product line, in addition to expanding the automotive and auto body tool sector.

S&H Industries continued to grow with new owners in the 1990s and 2000s.

In 2006, S&H Industries again expanded with the acquisition of Viking Tools, from Lake Forest, IL, and later moved the Viking Tools plant to Cleveland.

S&H Industries Today

Today S&H is a leading manufacturer in automotive, auto body and industrial tools Keysco Tools, ALC, and Viking being the most popular brands available.

S&H Industries includes the following brands for automotive and industrial tools:

Keysco Tools: Offers over 450 products mainly used for auto body repair. Keysco has a wide variety of organizational tools for shops and warehouses and hundreds of hand tools.

ALC: Provides many different abrasive blasters including blast cabinets, pressure blasters, hand held blasters and siphon blasters. These blasters can be used for industrial, automotive, auto body, hobby or home purposes.

Streamline Tools: Supplier of auto body tools including body hammers, dollies and spoons. These tools also can be used in many other metal forming applications.

Vantage: A select line of 5 premium maskers with welded construction, partially or fully assembled in the box and blue color distinguish these as premium maskers.

Majestic Hammer & Dollies: A broad range of high quality body hammers, dollies and spoons. Offering 38 hammer models, 16 dolly models, and 6 spoon models that can be used in a variety of settings.

Viking: Provides a variety of different quality air tools made in the USA and carefully selected from quality manufacturers throughout the world. More “Made in the USA” air tools than any other manufacturer.

Cargo-Lok: The strongest high quality cargo load bars. Each part is replaceable and extends the life of the bar. Sizes are available for pickup trucks to tractor-trailers, including standard and custom sizes for all applications.

We sell to the finest paint and body warehouses, tool distributors, tool warehouses, and industrial distributors.

Our customer service representatives are here to help you in your search for the best tools to fit your needs. We know that many of the best tools are conceived in the work place. Our customers are key to tool design and improvement. We welcome any ideas, suggestions, and comments that can help us serve you better and improve the quality of our products.